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Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh) @ Tanglin Halt

Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh) [HPSKF] started as a Traditional Chinese Medical Hall in 2003 at Tanglin Halt. We specialise in the selling of herbal tonics, cooling teas, common Chinese herbs, herbal soup recipes and the preparation of medical prescription by qualified Chinese physicians.

On 1st Dec 2005, HPSKF registered the domain name herbalparade.com with the intention of using it to build a website and blog, with the aim of sharing and discussing the uses and effects of Traditional Chinese Herbs. It was only until mid-2010, the design herbalparade.com was finally conceived and created together with a built-in blog. The website was later revamp to showcase the theme <TCM Made Easy> in 2018 and to have its own Mission and Vision Statement for the company.

The owner in the meantime has completed his diploma of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine, collaborated between with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the TCM College (Singapore) in 2007.

With his expertise and experience, you can be assured the herbs are selected with great care to give the best effectiveness of each individual herbs and herbal soup recipes.

Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh) [HPSKF] 于 2003 年在东陵福开业为一个传统的中药店。我们专注于销售草药补品、清凉茶、普通中草药、草药汤配方以及由合格的中医师开的处方。

2005年12月1日,HPSKF注册了herbalparade.com域名,打算用它来建立网站和博客,分享和讨论中药材的用途和功效。直到 2010 年年中,设计才最终构思并创建了一个内置博客。该网站后来进行了改版,以展示 2018 年的主题 <TCM Made Easy>,并为公司制定了自己的使命和愿景宣言。



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