Prescribing Chinese Medicine with TCM Prescription | 凭中医处方抓药

We provide Chinese herbal prescription order service. Send us a copy of your prescription to us through: –

  1. Whatsapp +65 97454607, or
  2. Email

Please advise us on the number of sets you required.

We will then advise you on the total purchase amount including courier charges if any (Free for local pickup & for purchase amount greater than S$200.00) and the Order ID.

For confirmation of your order, please PayNow your purchase amount to us through: –

  1. PayNow to +65 97454607

Next, indicate the Order ID given during your payment and send in a copy of your payment confirmation to us via Whatsapp, Telegram or Email.

We will then inform you the Estimated Date of Delivery, usually 2 to 3 business days after payment confirmation.

A gentle reminder, we will not be keeping a copy of your prescription after 14 business days from the date quotation is provided. You are to ensure that you keep a copy of the prescription if you intend to order again.


  1. Whatsapp +65 97454607 或,
  2. Email


然后,我们将告知您总购买金额,包括快递(如果有)费用(本地取货和购买金额超过 S$200.00 的免费)和您的订单号。

请通过以下方式将您的购买金额 PayNow 给我们以确认您的订单:-

  1. PayNow to +65 97454607

接下来,请您在付款时注明您的订单号,并通过 Whatsapp、Telegram 或电子邮件将您的付款确认副本发送给我们。

然后,我们将通知您预计交货日期,通常在付款确认后 2 至 3 个工作日。

温馨提醒,自提供报价之日起 14 个工作日后,我们将不会保留您的处方副本。如果您打算再次订购,您应保留一份处方副本。

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