Discover the use of Traditional Chinese Herbs to Cultivate a Better Lifestyle

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been use as an ancient form of healthcare that has a history of more than 2500 years. TCM has long been an integral part of the life of the Chinese people and the way the Chinese perceive health and treat illness.

TCM make use of very natural herbal remedies that can help you to cultivate a better lifestyle through: –

  • Dietary remedies,
  • Exercise, such as Tai Chi (太极) and Qi Gong (气功) and
  • Treatments, such as acupuncture (针灸), cupping (拔罐) and moxibustion (艾炙)

Dietary Remedies using TCM aims to maintain balanced nutrition through diet. Herbal remedies, however aims to achieve the balance of Yin and Yang through the combination of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Either dietary remedies or herbal remedies aims to keep health, prevent disease, remove illness and slow aging.

We advocate the use of TCM to cultivate a better lifestyle/health body through: –

  • Sleep well – sleep before 10pm,
  • Eat well – Balanced diet and
  • Exercise/Relax – make an effort to exercise on a regular basis to reduce stress level

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